yojanam योजनम्

Definition: योजनम् [युज्-भावादौ ल्युट्] 1 Joining, uniting, yoking. -2 Applying, fixing. -3 Preparation, arrangement. -4 Grammatical construction, construing the sense of a passage. -5 A measure of distance equal to four Krośas or eight or nine miles; स्याद् योजनं क्रोशचतुष्टयेन; प्रथममगमदह्ला योजने योजनेशः Līlā.; न योजनशतं दूरं बाह्यमानस्य तृष्णया H.1.146. -6 Exciting, instigation. -7 Concentration of the mind, abstraction (= योग q. v.). -8 Erecting, constructing (also योजना in this sense). -9 Ved. Effort, exertion. -1 A road, way. -11 The Supreme Spirit of the universe. -12 A finger. -ना 1 Junction, union, connection. -2 Grammatical construction. -3 Use, application. -Comp. -गन्धा 1 musk. -2 Name of Satyavatī, mother of Vyāsa. -3 of Sītā.

Dictionary: Apte
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