yatra यत्र

Definition: यत्र ind. [यद्-त्रल्] Where, in which place, whither; सैव सा (द्यौः) चलति यत्र हि चित्तम् N.5.57; Ku.1.7,1. -2 When; as in यत्र काले. -3 Whereas, because, since, as. (यत्र यत्र means 'wherever'; यत्र यत्र धूमस्तत्र तत्र वह्निः T. S.; यत्र तत्र in whatever place, everywhere; यत्रकुत्र or यत्रक्वचन-क्वापि 1 wheresoever, in whatever place. -2 whensoever, at whatever time. -3 whenever, as often as. -4 hither and thither.) -Comp. -कामम् ind. wherever one pleases. -कामावसायः the supernatural power (of yogins) for transporting one's self anywhere one likes. -सायंगृह, -सायंप्रतिश्रय a. taking up an abode wherever evening overtakes one.

Dictionary: Apte
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