yatra यत्र

Definition: ad.=lc. of ya in all numbers and genders; where, in which place (ord. mg.); whither; on which occasion, in which case, if; when (common); in that (=quod; rare); in order that (RV., rare); that (after a question): yatra yatra, wherever; whithersoever; yatra tatra, in what ever; anywhere whatever; to any place whatever, heaven knows whither; at every opportunity, on every occasion; yatra tatra½api, anywhere soever; yatra kutra, in whatever; everywhere; yatra kutra½api, in whatever; yátra kvã ka (V.), in any what ever; wherever; whenever; whithersoever; yatra kvakana, in any whatever; any where; at any time; heaven knows whither; yatra kva vâ, anywhere whatever (P.); yatra kva½api, to any place, hither or thither (P.); yatra vâ, or at any other place, or elsewhere.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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