yathokta यथोक्त

Definition: pp. as said or stated, aforesaid, previously mentioned or discussed: °ree;-or -m, e-na, ad. in the manner stated or prescribed; according to request; -½ukta kârin, a. acting as prescribedabove; -½ukta vâdin, a. reporting what he has been told (messenger); -½ukita, pp. suitable, fit, proper: °ree;-or -m, ad. becomingly, fitly, suita bly; -½uggitam, ad. according to the victory gained; -½uttara, a. following in succession: -m, ad. one after the other, in succession; -½utsâha, a. according to one's power: -m, ad. to the best of one's ability; -½udayam, ad. in proportion to income, according to one's means; -½udita, pp. as stated, before-mentioned: -m, ad.; -½udgamana, °ree;-ad. in rising proportion; -½uddishta, pp. as stated, enu merated above; as directed by (in.): -m, ad. in the manner stated; -½uddesam, ad. in the manner indicated; -½upagosham, ad. at pleasure, comfortably; -½upadishta, pp. as stated, previously indicated: -m, ad. in the manner stated or prescribed; -½upadesam, ad. as stated or instructed, in accordance with precept orprescribed teaching; -½upa-pâdam, ad. just as or where it happens; -½upayoga, °ree;-or -m, ad. according to use, requirements, or circumstances; -½upalam bham, ad. however one lays hold of it; -½upâ dhi, ad.according to the conditions or pre mises; -½upta, pp. as sown, according to the seed; -½aukityam (or ât), in a suitable manner.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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