yamaka यमक

Definition: यमक a. [यम-स्वार्थे क] 1 Twin-born, twin. -2 Two-fold, double. -कः 1 A restraint, check. -2 A twin; one of a pair, a fellow. -3 A great moral or religious duty; see यम (4). -कम् 1 A double bandage. -2 (In Rhet.) Repetition in the same stanza (in any part of it) of words or syllables similar in sound, but different in meaning, a kind of rhyme, (of which various kinds are enumerated; see Kāv.3.2-52); सभा नलश्रीयमकैर्यमाद्यैर्नलं विनाभूद् घतदिव्यरत्नैः N.1.24; आवृत्तिं वर्णसंघातगोचरां यमकं विदुः Kāv.1.61;3.1; S. D.64. -Comp. -काव्यम् Name of an artificial poem (ascribed to घटकर्पर). -भारतम् a summary of the Mahā-Bhārata made by आनन्दतीर्थ.

Dictionary: Apte
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