yamaka यमक

Definition: a. double, twofold; n. double bandage; repetition of syllables iden tical in sound but different in meaning, paro nomasia; -kimkara, m. Yama's servant, messenger of death; -ketu, m. Yama's flag, sign of death; -kshaya, m. Yama's abode; -gâth&asharp;, f. verse treating of Yama; -griha, n. Yama's abode; -ghna, a. destroying death, ep. of Vishnu; -ga, a. twin-born; m. du. twins; -gâta, pp.: -ka, a., m. id.;-gihvâ, f. (Yama's tongue), Name of a procuress; -tâ, f. condition of Yama: -m yâ, become the god of death to, cause the death of (g.); -tvá, n. id.; -damshtra, m. Name of an Asura, of a Râkshasa, and of a warrior; -damshtrâ, f.Yama's tooth: -½antaram gata, having en tered the jaws of death; -danda, m. Yama's rod; -dis, f. Yama's quarter, south; -dûtá, m. Yama's messenger; (á)-devata, a. having Yama as a deity; -dhânî, f. Yama's abode.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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