yadā यदा

Definition: ind. (fr. 3. ya-) when, at what time, whenever (generally followed by the correlatives tadā-, tatas-, tarhi-,in veda- also by /āt-, /ād /īt-, /atha-, /adha-and t/ad-) etc. (yadā yadā-,followed by tadā-or tadā tadā-,"as often as - so often","whenever"; yadā-- tadā- idem or '() ind. in a suitable manner, according to propriety, fitly, suitably, duly.',with repeated verbs exempli gratia, 'for example' ; yadaiva-tadaiva-,"when indeed - then indeed" yadā prabhṛti-- tadā prabhṛti-,"from whatever time - from that time forward"; yadaiva khalu-- tadā prabhrity eva-,"as soon as - thence forward"; yadā kad/ā ca-,"as often as","whenever"; yadā kadā cit-,"at any time"; yadā tadā-,"always";the copula after yadā-is often dropped, especially after a participle, exempli gratia, 'for example' yadā kṣayaṃ gataṃ sarvam-,"when all had gone to ruin" yadā-is sometimes joined with other relatives used indefinitely, exempli gratia, 'for example' yo 'tti yasya yadā māṃsam-,"when any one eats the flesh of any one")