yadṛcchā यदृच्छा

Definition: यदृच्छा [यद् ऋच्छ्-अ टाप् Tv.] 1 Acting as one likes, self-will, independence (of action); यदृच्छयासृयतियस्तपस्यते Ki.14.21. -2 Chance, accident; usually used in the instrumental singular in this sense and translated by 'accidentally', 'by chance'; किन्नरमिथुनं यदृच्छया$द्राक्षीत् K. 'chanced or happened to see' &c; वसिष्ठधेनुश्च यदृच्छया$$गता श्रुतप्रभावा ददृशे$थ नन्दिनी R.3.4; V.1.1; Ku.1.14; U.5.16. -Comp. -अभिज्ञः voluntary or self-offered witness. -शब्दः a proper name, a word like डित्थ, यज्ञदत्त &c. which denotes neither a genus nor species, nor any quality, action &c.; असंपादयतः कंचिदर्थं जातिक्रियागुणैः । यदृच्छाशब्दवत् पुंसः संज्ञायै जन्म केवलम् Śi.2.47. -संवादः 1 accidental conversation. -2 spontaneous or incidental intercourse, accidental meeting.

Dictionary: Apte
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