y य्

Definition: a consonant of the palatal class, called semivowel or अन्तःस्थ(spelt as अन्तस्थ also), possessed of the properties संवृतत्व, नाद, घोष and अनुनासिकत्व in addition; (2) a substitute for म् when that म् is followed by ह् which is followed by य्. e. g.किंय्ह्य: cf. यवलपरे यवला वा. P. VIII.3. 26 Vart.l; (3) य् looked upon as possessed of a very little effort in production i. e. which appears as almost dropped but not completely dropped when its elision is prescribed at the end of a word. e. gभोय् अच्युत; cf. व्योर्लधुप्रयत्नतर: शाकटायनस्य P. VIII. 3.18.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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