vyavaso व्यवसो

Definition: P. -syati- (Epic also -syate-[with act. and pass. meaning];1. sg. proper -sāmi-; Potential -seyam-, -set-; future -siṣyati-), to settle down or dwell separately ; to differ (in opinion), contest, quarrel ; to separate, divide (opp. to sam-as-) ; to determine, resolve, decide, be willing to (accusative dative case, artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound',or infinitive mood) etc. ; to settle, ascertain, be convinced or persuaded of take for (accusative) etc. ; to ponder, reflect, consider ; to make strenuous effort, labour or seek after, make an attempt upon (accusative) : Passive voice -sīyate-, to be settled or ascertained or fixed on or determined or decided (often impersonal or used impersonally) etc.: Causal -sāyayati-, to cause to resolve, encourage to undertake, embolden ; to incite or instigate to (infinitive mood)