vyavahṛ व्यवहृ

Definition: P. A1. -harati-, te-, to transpose, exchange ; to have intercourse with (instrumental case or locative case) ; to meet (as foes), fight with (instrumental case with or without rdham-) to act, proceed, behave towards or deal with (locative case) etc. ; to be active or busy, work ; to carry on commerce, trade, deal in (locative case instrumental case,or genitive case) ; to bet at, play for (genitive case) ; to manage, employ make use of (accusative) ; to carry on legal proceedings, litigate ; to be intent upon, care for cherish (accusative) ; to roam or stroll about ; to recover, regain, obtain ; to distinguish Passive voice -hriyate-, to be named or termed or designated : Causal -hārayati-, to allow any one to do what he likes on to deal with (accusative) : Passive voice of Causal hāryate-, to be named or designated

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Nir., Gr2S., BhP., MBh., ib., Ka1v., Ya1jn5. Sch., A1past., VarBr2S., BhP., Pa1n2. 2-3 , 57 Sch., ib., MW., MBh., ib., ib., ib., Sarvad., Veda7ntas., Kull., Mn. viii , 362, SaddhP., BhP.
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