vyatikara व्यतिकर

Definition: m. [√ krî] mixture, blending, intermingling, contact, confluence, union; engaging in, undertaking (--°ree;); acci dent, misfortune, calamity: --°ree; a. combined or united with: -vat,a. mixed, of different kinds; -karita, den. pp. mixed with, per vaded by (in., --°ree;); -krama, m. passing by, deviating, swerving, or escaping from (g.); violation, infringement, neglect, or non performance of (g. or --°ree;); offence, transgression, against (g., --°ree;); inverted order (rare); -kramana, n. transgression against any one (--°ree;); -kramin, a. transgressing against any one (--°ree;); -krânta, pp. √ kram; n.transgression, offence; -krânti, f. transgression against (--°ree;); -rikta-tâ, f. difference; -reka, m. separateness; exclusion, exception; nega tive; contradistinction or opposition to; con trast, antithesis (rh.): in., ab., --°ree;, to the exclusion of, excepting, without (--°ree;); -rekin, a. excluding, negativing (--°ree;); -rekana, n. con trasting (in a comparison); -la&ndot;gin, a. slipping off; -sha&ndot;ga, m. reciprocal connexion, relation; entanglement; conflict (of armies); interchange (rare); -sha&ndot;gin, a. attached or clinging to (--°ree;); -hâra, m. interchange; alternation, reciprocity.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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