vyapadeśivadbhāva व्यपदेशिवद्भाव

Definition: treatment of a secon dary thing as the principal one, e g. a person or a thing, without any second or any others, looked upon as the first or the last; cf. व्यपदेशिवदेकस्मिन् कार्ये भवतीति वक्तव्यम् M. Bh. on P. I. 1.21. Vart. 2. The remark or expression व्यपदेशिवद्भावेन भविष्यति is found often given in the Mahabhasya; cf. M. Bh. Ahnika 1 Vart 14; I.1.9, I.1.51 I,1.72: I.2.48 etc. For details see Par. Sek. Pari. 30,

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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