vyāhṛ व्याहृ

Definition: P. A1. -harati-, te-, to utter or pronounce a sound, speak, say to (accusative), converse with (saha-), name (with nāmabhis-,to call by name;with praśnān-,to answer questions;with udāharāṇi-,to state examples) etc. ; to begin to talk (said of a child) ; to confess, avow to (genitive case) ; to utter inarticulate sounds, cry, scream (said of animals) ; to sport, enjoy one's self (exceptionally for vi-hṛ-) ; to cut off, sever (Bombay edition vi-hṛ-): Desiderative -jihīrṣati-, to wish to pronounce or utter

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: TBr., MBh., ib., Ka1tyS3r., BhP., MBh. vi , 2757, S3Br.
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