vrata व्रत

Definition: n. [willed: √ vri: perh. old pp.] 1. V.: will, command, law, ordinance; do minion; service, obedience; realm; regular sphere or function; 2. V., C.: operation, ac tion, doings, conduct, manner, mode of life (with suki=clear conscience); religious rite or service; duty, towards (--°ree;); religious or ascetic observance taken upon oneself, aus terity, vow, rule, holy work (such as fasting and continence); 3. C.: vow (in general), resolve, to (d., lc. of vbl. n., --°ree;): ab. in conse quence of a vow; (á)-m kar, observe a vow, esp. practise chastity.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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