vraj व्रज्

Definition: व्रज् I. 1 P. (व्रजत) 1 To go, walk, proceed; नाविनीतै- र्व्रजेद् धुर्यैः Ms.4.67. -2 To go to, approach, visit; मामेकं शरणं व्रज Bg.18.66. -3 To depart, retire, withdraw. -4 To pass away (as time); इयं व्रजति यमिनी त्यज नरेन्द्र निद्रारसम् Vikr.11.74. -5 To attain to, go to the state of. -6 To obtain, gain. -II. 1 U. (व्राजयति-ते) 1 To go. -2 To prepare, decorate. (This root is used much in the same way as गम् or या q. v.)

Dictionary: Apte
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