vivṛtti विवृत्ति

Definition: separation of the two vowels which were euphonically combined into one; the hiatus or position of two vowels near each other; cf. विवृत्तिः स्वरयोरसंधिः; (2) the interval between two vowels placed near each other; cf. स्वरयोरनन्तरयोरन्तरं विवृत्तिः V. Pr. I.119; cf. also संहितायां यत्स्वरयोरन्तरं तद्विवृत्तिसंज्ञं स्यात् Uvvaṭa on R. Pr. II.I. This interval is one mātrā according to the Taittirīya Prātiśākhya, while it is only half-a-mātrā according to the Ṛktantra and the Ṛk-Prātiśākhya; cf. T. Pr. XXII. 13; R. T. 3५. See विराम.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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