vittaka वित्तक

Definition: a. well-known, famous; -nâtha, m. lord of wealth, ep. of Kubera; -nâsa, m. loss of property; -pa, a. guarding treasure; m. ep. of Kubera; -pati, m. lord of wealth, ep. of Kubera; -pa-purî, f. Name of a town; -pâla, m. guardian of wealth, ep. of Kubera; -petâ, f., -petî, f. money-case, purse; -mâtrâ, f. sum of money; -½riddhi, f. abundance of wealth; -vat, a. wealthy, rich; -vivardhin, a. increasing capital; -samkaya, m. accumulation of wealth; -hîna, pp. desti tute of wealth, poor; -½âgama, m. acquisi tion of wealth, means of making money; -½âdhya, a. abounding in wealth, rich; -½âpti, f. acquisition of wealth.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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