vitata वितत

Definition: pp. √ tan: -tva, n. great ex tent; -tati, f. extent, length; extension, ex pansion; great extent, quantity; overstep ping of bounds; -tatî-kri, extend; -tatha, a. [not so: -tathâ] untrue, false; futile, use less, vain; free from (ab.; rare): -m kri, revoke, annul; -tatha-ya, P. make untrue, accuse of falsehood; -tatha½abhinivesa, m. inclination to falsehood: -vat, a. prone to falsehood; -tathî-kri, render futile, frus trate; (ví)-tanu, a. (v-î) extremely slender; bodiless; m. god of love (=ana&ndot;ga); -tan trî, f. (nm. -s) string out of tune; -tamas, a. free from darkness, light: -ka, a. id.; -tara- na, n. transference of (--°ree;); bestowal; dona tion, gift; -tarám, cpv. ad. farther, -off (RV.); -tar&asharp;m, cpv. ad. id.; more; -tari tri, m. bestower; -tarka, m. conjecture, sup position (ord. mg.); doubt; consideration, deliberation: indor vitarkât, because the moon was supposed to be in it; -tardi, f. ter race in a court-yard, verandah: -kâ, f. id.; -tala, n. Name of one of the seven hells; depth of hell.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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