vitasti वितस्ति

Definition: f. [√ tan] span (as measure of length=12 a&ndot;gulas or about nine inches); -tâna, a. (rare) [√ tan] empty (in a-, not empty); dejected; m. n. expansion, exten sion, extent; quantity, mass; high degree; variety; performance; development; sacri fice; canopy, awning; m. (separation of) the sacred fires: -ka, n. awning, canopy (esp. --°ree;); quantity, -vat, a. provided with a canopy; -tânâ-ya,den. represent a canopy; -tânî-bhû, id.; -tâmasa, a. light, bright; -timira, a. id.; -tîrna, pp. √ trî; -tusha, a. unhusked; -tushta, pp. dissatisfied, dis pleased; -tritîyá, a. intermittent on the third day (fever; AV.1); n.third (Br. S.); -tripta-ka, a. sated (in a-, not yet sated with; g.); -trishna, a. free from thirst; having no desire: -tâ, f. freedom from de sire, satisfaction, contentment; -trishnâ, f. id.; -tolâ, f. Name of a river.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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