visarjanīya विसर्जनीय

Definition: same as विसर्ग which see above; cf. विसृज्यते पुनर्वर्णैर्न संबध्यते इति विसर्गः; Durgasiṁha on Kat. I. 1. 16. The term विसृष्ट is also used in the same sense. The visarjanīya has the same position (स्थान) in the mouth as the vowel after which it occurs. It is a glottal sound; the Ṛk-Prātiśākhya says that some scholars describe visarjanīya as a chest sound: cf. कण्ठयोकार:प्रथमपञ्चमौ च द्वावूष्माणौ केचिदेतावुरस्यौ | R. Pr. I 18: cf. also उरसि विसर्जनीयो वा R. T. 3.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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