viplu विप्लु

Definition: विप्लु 1 Ā. 1 To float about, swing to and fro, fluctuate. -2 To drift (in the sea), be scattered; यदि न स्यान्नरपतिः सम्यङ्नेता ततः प्रजा । अकर्णधारा जलधौ विप्लवेतेह नौरिव ॥ H.3.2; Pt.3.72. -3 To be confused (as mind). -4 To be ruined or destroyed. -5 To fail. -Caus. 1 To cause to float or swim. -2 To divulge, spread abraod. -3 To teach (to unworthy persons); शरणागतं परित्यज्य वेदं विप्लाव्य च द्विजः Ms.11.198. -4 To cause to fail, spoil, mar; गुणानामायथातथ्यादर्थं विप्लावयन्ति ये Śi.2.56. -5 To confound, bewilder.

Dictionary: Apte
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