vindhya विन्ध्य

Definition: m. (of doubtful derivation) Name of a low range of hills connecting the Northern extremities of the Western and Eastern Ghauts, and separating Hindustan proper from the Dekhan (the vindhya- range is reckoned among the seven principal ranges of bhārata-varṣa- [see kulagiri-,] , and according to , forms the Southern limit of madhya-deśa- or the middle region;according to a legend related in ,the personified vindhya-, jealous of himālaya-, demanded that the sun should revolve round him in the same way as about meru-, which the sun declining to do, the vindhya- then began to elevate himself that he might bar the progress of both sun and moon;the gods alarmed, asked the aid of the saint agastya-, who approached the vindhya- and requested that by bending down he would afford him an easy passage to the South country, begging at the same time that he would retain a low position till his return;this he promised to do, but agastya- never returned, and the vindhya- range consequently never attained the elevation of the himālaya-) etc.