vindhya विन्ध्य

Definition: m. Name of a mountain range running from east to west and separating the Deccan from Madhya-desa: -ketu, m. Name of a prince of Pulinda; -giri, m. the Vindhya range; -para, m. Name of a prince of the fairies; -vana, n. forest in the Vindhya; -vâsin, a. dwelling in the Vindhya: -î, f. (± devî) a form of the goddess Durgâ; -stha, a. resid ing in the Vindhya; -½akala, m. the Vindhya range; -½atavî, f. forest in the Vindhya; -½adri, m. the Vindhya range.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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