vindhyaḥ विन्ध्यः

Definition: विन्ध्यः [विदधाति करोति भयम् Uṇ.4.121] 1 Name of a range of mountain which separates Hindustan proper from the Deccan or south; it is one of the seven Kulaparvatas (q. v.) and forms the southern limit of Madhyadeśa; see Ms.2.21. [According to a legend, the Vindhya mountain, being jealous of the mount Meru (or Himālaya) demanded that the sun should revolve round himself as about Meru, which the sun declined to do; whereupon the Vindhya began to rise higher and higher so as to obstruct the path of the sun and moon. The gods being alarmed sought the aid of the sage Agastya, who approached the mountain and requested that by bending down he would give him an easy passage to the south, and that he would retain the same position till his return. This Vindhya consented to do (because according to one account, he regarded Agastya as his teacher); but Agastya never returned from the south, and Vindhya never attained the height of Meru.] -2 A hunter. -न्ध्या 1 Name of a plant (लवली). -2 Small cardamoms. -3 A measure of time (त्रुटि); L. D. B. -Comp. -अटवी the great Vindhya forest. -कूटः, -कूटनम् epithets of the sage Agastya. -गिरिः the Vindhya range of hills; also विन्ध्याचल, विन्ध्याद्रि. -वासिन् m. an epithet of the grammarian व्याडि. (-नी) an epithet of Durgā.

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