vinaya विनय

Definition: a. removing (RV.1); m. (C.) removal, withdrawal (of a cloth); guidance, discipline, instruction, training; good beha viour, decorum, discretion, polite manners, good breeding, modest conduct; office (rare); treatise on discipline (B.); instruction; -gyot is, m. N. (conj.), -tâ, f. good behaviour; modesty; -nayana, a. removing, dispelling; n. education, instruction, in (lc.); -nayam dhara, m. Name of a merchant; -naya-pitaka, (basket=) collection of treatises on disci pline (B.); -naya-maya, a. being good breed ing itself; -naya-vat, a. well-behaved (in a-): -î, f. N.; -naya-sûtra, n. Sûtra treat ing of discipline (B.); -naya-svâminî, f. N.; -naya½âditya, m. ep. of Gayâpîda: -pura, n. Name of a town built by Gayâpîda; -naya½âdi-dhara, m. N.; -½avanata, pp. bowing low with modesty; -nayin, a. well bred, well-conducted, modest; -naya½ukti, f. modest speech (pl.).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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