vimuc विमुच्

Definition: P. A1. -muñcati-, te- (imperative -mumoktu- ), to unloose, unharness (A1."one's own horses") , unyoke (id est"make to halt, cause to stop or rest") etc. ; to take off (clothes, ornaments etc.) etc. ; to release, set free, liberate ; to leave, abandon, quit, desert, give up, relinquish ; to shun, avoid etc. ; to lose (consciousness) ; to pardon, forgive ; to emit, discharge, shed, pour or send forth (with grastam-,to set free a seized planet id est"free it from eclipse") ; to throw, hurl, cast (with ātmānam-and locative case,"to cast one's self into" ) etc. ; to utter (a sound) ; to assume (a shape) ; to lay (eggs) ; Passive voice -mucyate-, to be unloosed or detached etc. ; to be slackened (as reins) ; to drop or be expelled (prematurely, as a fetus) ; to be freed or delivered or released (especially from the bonds of existence), get rid of, escape from (ablative adverb in -tas- genitive case,or instrumental case) etc. ; to be deprived of (instrumental case) : Causal -mocayati-, to loosen, detach ; to unyoke ; to set free, deliver from (ablative) etc. ; to keep off, avoid : Desiderative -mumukṣati-, te-, to wish to liberate (A1."one's self")

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. i , 24 , 13, RV., MBh., Ka1v., ib., ib., Mun2d2Up., Bhag., Hariv., Gi1t., BhP., MBh., R., Pan5cat., Su1ryas., Uttarar., MBh., R., MBh., Mn. i , 56, Pan5cat. i , 353354, S3ak., Sus3r., Mn., MBh., Hit., S3ak., Kaus3., Mn., MBh., R., BhP.
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