viloma विलोम

Definition: विलोम a. (-मी f.) 1 Inverted, inverse, contrary, opposite. -2 Produced in the reverse order. -3 Backward. -4 Hairless. -5 Refractory. -मः 1 Reverse order, inversion. -2 A dog. -3 A snake. -4 Name of Varuṇa. -मम् A waterwheel, machine for raising water from a well. -Comp. -उत्पन्न, -ज, -जात, -वर्ण a. 'born in the reverse order'; i. e. born of a mother whose caste is superior to the father's; cf. -प्रतिलोमज also. -क्रिया, -विधिः 1 a reverse action. -2 a rule of inversion (in math.). -जिह्वः, -रसनः an elephant. -त्रैराशि- कम् rule of three inverse. -पाठः recitation in reverse order. -विधिः 1 reversed ceremony. -2 (Arith.) rule of inversion.

Dictionary: Apte
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