vikalpa विकल्प

Definition: m. alternative, option: combination, contrivance; variety; distinction (rare); indecision, hesitation, doubt; false notion, fancy: in. optionally: -gâla, n. number of possible cases; -kalpana, n.,â, f. allowing an option; distinction; false notion or assumption; -kalpanîya, fp. to be ascer tained; -kalpayitavya, fp. to be put as an alternative; -kalpa-vat, a. undecided, doubt ful; -kalpa½an-upapatti, f. untenableness owing to a dilemma; -kalpa½asaha, a. not standing the test of a dilemma: -tva, n. un tenableness owing to a dilemma; -kalpita tva, n. optionalness; -kalpin, a (hair) liable to be mistaken for (black Asoka flowers, --°ree;); -kalpya, fp. to be distributed; -calculated; -chosen according to circumstances.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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