vikḷp विकॢप्

Definition: A1. -kalpate-, to change or alternate, change with (instrumental case) etc. ; to be undecided or questionable or optionable ; to be doubtful or irresolute, waver, hesitate : Causal -kalpayati-, to prepare, arrange, contrive, form, fashion (in various ways) ; to choose one of two alternatives, proceed eclectically ; to call in question, prescribe variously, pronounce optional ; to combine variously, vary ; to state a dilemma ; to consider with distrust (?) ; to suppose, conjecture, imagine, presume ; to reflect upon

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV., MBh., Nya1yam., Pan5cat., Hit., RV., AV., BhP., VarBr2S., Ka1s3., Prab., BhP., Car., S3am2k., BhP., Ka1v., Pan5cat., Bhat2t2.
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