vikṛ विकृ

Definition: विकृ 8 U. 1 To alter, change, affect; विकारहेतौ सति विक्रियन्ते येषां न चेतांसि त एव धीराः Ku.1.59; R.13.42. -2 To disfigure, deform; विकृताकृति Ms.9.52. -3 To create, produce, effect; मनः सृष्टिं विकुरुते चोद्यमानं सिसृक्षया Ms.1. 75; नास्य विघ्नं विकुर्वन्ति दानवाः Mb. -4 To disturb, harm, injure. (Ā.); हीनान्यनुपकर्तॄणि प्रवृद्धानि विकुर्वते R.17.58. -5 To utter (a sound); विकुर्वाणः स्वरानद्य Bk.8.2. -6 To be faithless (as a wife.). -7 To deprave, pervert, spoil. -8 To display. -9 To change for the worse, deteriorate. (Ā.). -1 To rejoice (Ā.). -11 To feel aversion (Ā.). -12 To act in various ways (Ā.); विकुर्वन्तश्च तैः साकम् Bhāg.1.12.9. -13 To decorate in various ways; प्रासादैः रत्नविकृतैः Rām.15.15. -14 To exercise. -15 To distribute. -16 To destroy, ruin. -17 To spread, extend. -18 To become restless, move to and fro. -19 To act in a hostile manner. -2 To contend together. -21 To blame, revile; अनार्य इति मामार्याः ... विकरिष्यन्ति रथ्यासु Rām.2.12.78.

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