vikṛ विकृ

Definition: P. A1. -karoti-, -kurute-, to make different, transform, change the shape (or the mind), cause to alter or change (especially for the worse), deprave, pervert, spoil, impair etc. ; (Passive voice and A1.,rarely P.) to become different, be altered, change one's state or opinions etc. (see ) ; to develop, produce (especially variously) ; to embellish, decorate (in various manners) ; to distribute, divide ; to destroy, annihilate ; to represent, fill the place of (accusative) ; (A1.; see above) to move to and fro, wave, shake (hands or feet) ; to be or become restless (with netrābhyām-,"to roll the eyes") ; to utter (sounds) ; to become unfaithful to (locative case) ; to act in a hostile or unfriendly way towards (genitive case or locative case) etc. ; to contend together ; to act in various ways ; Passive voice -kriyate-, to be changed etc. (see above) : Causal -kārayati-, to cause to change or be changed