viji विजि

Definition: A1. -jayate- (rarely ti-; see ), to conquer, win or acquire by conquest etc. ; to vanquish, defeat, subdue, overpower, master, control etc. ; to be victorious or superior etc. ; (often in respectful salutation exempli gratia, 'for example' vi-jayasva rājan-,"be victorious"or"hail to thee, O king!") to contend victoriously with (instrumental case) ; to excel in (instrumental case) ; to be about to conquer, go to victory : Causal (only Aorist vy-ajījayat-;but see vi-jāpayitṛ-) to conquer : Desiderative -jigīṣate- (rarely ti-), to strive for victory, wish to conquer or vanquish, attack, assail