vihati विहति

Definition: f. blow, stab, shot; preven tion; repulse, defeat; -hantavya, fp. to be destroyed; -hantrí, m. destroyer, frustrator of (g., --°ree;); -hara, a. removing, changing; -harana, n. removing, transporting; trans posing of words; opening (of the mouth); walking about, strolling (ord. mg.); moving backwards and forwards, brandishing (a club); -hartri, m. purloiner, robber; one who en joys himself; -harsha, a.joyless, sad; -ha vá, m. invocation; -hávya (or á), fp. to be invoked or invited (V.); m. N.; -hasati-kâ, -hasiti-kâ, f. laughter; -hasta, a. hand less; trunkless; perplexed, helpless; com pletely absorbed in (--°ree;); adroit, skilled, in (--°ree;): -tâ, f. trunklessness; bewilderment, helplessness; -hastita, den. pp. confused or embarrassed by (--°ree;).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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