vihāra विहार

Definition: m. n. distribution, trans position (of words, Br., S., rare); (disposi tion of) the three sacred fires or the space between them (S.); sauntering about, pro menading; diversion, enjoyment, pleasure, with or in (--°ree;; ord. mg.); place of recreation; (Buddha's pleasure ground), Buddhistic (or Jain) monastery or temple; Name of a country, Behar; --°ree; a. delighting in: -ka, a. (i-kâ) delighting in (--°ree;); serving for the diversion of (--°ree;); -griha, n. play-house; -dâsî, f. con vent attendant; -desa, m. place of recrea tion; -bhadra, m. N.; -bhûmi, f. place of recreation; -vat, a. possessing a place of re creation; delighting in (--°ree;); -vana, n. plea sure grove; -vâri, f. water for sport; -saila, m. pleasure mountain; -sthalî, f. place of amusement; -½avasatha, m. pleasure house.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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