vihṛ विहृ

Definition: P. -harati- (rarely A1.), to put asunder, keep apart, separate, open ; to distribute and transpose (verses or parts of verses) ; to disperse (clouds, opp. to saṃ-hṛ-) ; (with talāt talam-) to shift, let pass from hand to hand ; to divide (also arithmetically) ; to construct (in geometry) ; to cut off, sever ; to extract from (ablative) ; to carry away, remove ; to tear in pieces, lacerate ; to move on, walk ; to spend or pass (time) etc. ; to roam, wander through (accusative) ; (especially) to walk or roam about for pleasure, divert one's self etc. (with mṛgayām-,"to go about hunting" ) ; to shed (tears) : Desiderative See vi-jihīrṣā-, ṣu- () .

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., AV., Br., S3rS., Br., S3rS., Hariv., MBh., Ka1tyS3r., Gol., S3ulbas., MBh., ib., Ka1v., Ra1jat., RV., A1s3vS3r., Gobh., Mn., MBh., MBh., Gaut., Mn., MBh., R., S3ak.
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