vidūṣaka विदूषक

Definition: विदूषक a. (-की f.) 1 Defiling, polluting, contaminating, corrupting. -2 Detracting, abusing. -3 Witty, humorous, jocular. -कः 1 A jester, buffon. -2 Particularly, the humorous companion and confidential friend of the hero in a play, who excites mirth by his quaint dress, speeches, gestures, appearances &c., and by allowing himself to be made the butt fo ridicule by almost every body; the S. D. thus defines him :-- कुसुमवसन्ताद्यभिधः कर्मवपुर्वेशभाषाद्यैः । हास्यकरः कलहरतिर्विदूषकः स्यात् स्वकर्मज्ञः ॥ 79; cf. also शृङ्गारस्य सहाया विटचेटविदूषकाद्याः स्युः । भक्ता नर्मसु निपुणाः कुपितवधूमानभञ्जनाः शुद्धाः ॥ ibid. -3 A libertine, lecher. -4 A critic; an opponent; प्राशंसि संसद्गुरुणापि चार्वी चार्वाकता सर्वविदूषकेण N.1.57.

Dictionary: Apte
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