vicitra विचित्र

Definition: विचित्र a. 1 Diversified, variegated, spotted, speckled; इयमुद्ग्रथते स्रजो विचित्राः Mu.1.4. -2 Various, varied. -3 Painted. -4 Beautiful, lovely; क्वचिद्विचित्रं जलयन्त्रमन्दिरम् Ṛs.1.2. -5 Wonderful, surprising, strange; हतविधिलसितानां हि विचित्रो विपाकः Śi.11.64. -त्रः The Aśoka tree. -त्रा A white deer. -त्रम् 1 Variegated colour. -2 Surprise. -3 A figure of speech (implying apparently the reverse of the meaning intended). -Comp. -अङ्ग a. having a spotted body. (-ङ्गः) 1 a peacock. -2 tiger. -अन्नम् a kind of rice food (Mar. खिचडी). -देह a. having a lovely body. (-हः) a cloud. -रूप a. diverse. -वर्षिन् raining here and there. -वीर्यः Name of a king of the lunar race. [He was a son of Śantanu by his wife Satyavatī and so half-brother of Bhīṣma. When he died childless, his mother called Vyāsa (her own son before her marriage), and requested him to raise up issue to Vichitravīrya in accordance with the practice of Niyoga. He complied with the request, and begot on Ambikā and Ambālikā, the two widows of his brother, two sons Dhṛitarāṣṭra and Paṇḍu respectively.]

Dictionary: Apte
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