vicitra विचित्र

Definition: a. variegated, many-colour ed, brilliant; various, manifold, diverse; strange, wonderful; (varied), charming, lovely, beautiful; entertaining (story): -m, ad.; -katha, m. (telling interesting tales),N.; -tâ, f. variety; strangeness; -mâlya½âbhar ana, a. having variegated garlands and orna ments; -vâkya-patu-tâ, f. great eloquence; -vâgura½ukkhrâya-maya, a. (î) filled with various outspread nets; -vîrya, m. (of mar vellous heroism), Name of a son of Samtanu and Satyavatî (after his death, Vyâsa begat Dhri tarâshtra, Pându, and Vidura with his widow); -simha, m. N.; -½âpîda, m. Name of a fairy.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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