vicint विचिन्त्

Definition: विचिन्त् 1 U. 1 To think, consider. -2 To think of, ponder over, call to mind; विचिन्तयन्ती यमनन्यमानसा Ś.4. 1. -3 To take into consideration, have regard to, regard; अस्मान् साधु विचिन्त्य संयमधनानुच्चैः कुलं चात्मनः Ś.4.17. -3 To indend, fix upon, determine. -5 To devise, find out, discover. -8 To imagine. -7 To perceive, observe (Ved.).विचिन्तनम् vicintanam विचिन्ता vicintāविचिन्तनम् विचिन्ता 1 Thought, thinking. -2 Care for anything.

Dictionary: Apte
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