vicchittiḥ विच्छित्तिः

Definition: विच्छित्तिः f. 1 (a) Cutting off or asunder, tearing off; न ध्यातं पदमीश्वरस्य विधिवत् संसारविच्छित्तये Bh.3.11. (b) Breaking off, fracture. -2 Dividing, separating. -3 Disappearance, absence, loss, wanting; विच्छित्तिर्नवचन्दनेन वपुषः Śi.16.84. -4 Cessation. -5 Colouring the body with paints and unguents, painting colours, rouge; विच्छित्तिशेषैः सुरसुन्दरीणाम् Ś.7.5; Śi.16.84. -6 Limit, boundary (of a house &c.) -7 A pause in a verse, cæsura. -8 A particular kind of amorous gesture, consisting in carelessness in dress and decoration (through pride of personal beauty); स्तोकाप्याकल्परचना विच्छित्तिः कान्तिपोषकृत् S. D.138.

Dictionary: Apte
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