vibhakta विभक्त

Definition: विभक्त p. p. 1 Divided, partitioned (as property &c). -2 Divided, separated in interest, as in विभक्ता भ्रातरः; विभक्ताः सहजीवन्तो विभजेरन् पुनर्यदि Ms.9.21. -3 Parted, separated, made distinct; Śi.1.3; वायवीयैर्विगण्यन्ते विभक्ताः परमाणवः Y.3.14. -4 Different, multifarious. -5 Retired, secluded. -6 Regular, symmetrical. -7 Ornamented. -8 Measured. -क्तः Name of Kārtikeya. -क्तम् 1 Solitude, retirement. -2 A share. -3 Property (divided). -4 Separation. -Comp. -जः a son born after partition of the family-property (between his parents and brothers).

Dictionary: Apte
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