vibhāktisvarapratirūpaka विभाक्तिस्वरप्रतिरूपक

Definition: similar in form to a word ending in a case-affix or to a vowel. Such words are looked upon, and are treated as indeclinables e.g. शनै:, चिरेण, अस्ति, उ, ए etc.; cf. the usual expressions तिडन्तप्रतिरूपकमव्ययम् etc. cf. विभक्तिस्वरप्रतिरूपकाश्च निपाता भवन्ति M. Bh. on P. VIII.3.1: cf. also उपसर्गविभक्तिस्वरप्रतिरूपकाश्च निपाताः । a gaṇasūtra inside the चादिगण mentioned in P.I.4.57.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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