vibhū विभू

Definition: विभू 1 P. 1 To appear, become manifest. -2 To be equal to, suffice for; एकमेव तदेकं सन्न व्यभवत् Bṛi. Up. 1.4.11; Bhāg.5.1.12. -3 To pervade; आत्मन्यदृच्छया प्राप्तं विबुभूषुरुपाददे Bhāg.2.5.21. -4 To be able, be capable of, prevail. -Caus. 1 To think of, reflect, contemplate. -2 To be aware of, know, perceive, discover, see; तामिन्दुसुन्दरमुखीं सुचिरं विभाव्य Māl.1.18; 5.21; न विभाव्यन्ते लघवो वित्तविहीनाः पुरो$पि निवसन्तः Pt.5. 7; U.2.24. -3 To see or observe minutely, perceive carefully; V.4. -4 To decide, settle, make clear. -5 To manifest, show, reveal; यशः परंजगति विभाव्य वर्तिता Mb.7.2.15. -5 To separate. -6 To suppose, imagine. -7 To convince. -8 To establish, prove; तव सुचरितमङ्गुलीय नूनं प्रतनु ममेव विभाव्यते फलेन Ś.6.11. -9 To protect; लोकान् विभावयसि हंसि जगत्प्रतीपान् Bhāg.7.9.38.

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