viśva विश्व

Definition: m. plural (v/iśve-,with or scilicet dev/ās- see viśve-deva-,p.995)"all the gods collectively"or the"All-gods"(a particular class of gods, forming one of the 9 gaṇa-s enumerated under gaṇadevatā- q.v; according to to the viṣṇu- and other purāṇa-s they were sons of viśvā-, daughter of dakṣa-, and their names are as follow, 1. vasu-, 2. satya-, 3. kratu-, 4. dakṣa-, 5. kāla-, 6. kāma-, 7. dhṛti-, 8. kuru-, 9. purū-ravas-, 10. mādravas- [?];two others are added by some, viz. 11. rocaka- or locana-, 12. dhvani- [or dhūri-;or this may make 13]: they are particularly worshipped at śrāddha-s and at the vaiśvadeva- ceremony[ ];moreover according to to manu- [ ], offerings should be made to them daily - these privileges having been bestowed on them by brahmā- and the pitṛ-s, as a reward for severe austerities they had performed on the himālaya-: sometimes it is difficult to decide whether the expression viśve devāḥ-refers to all the gods or to the particular troop of deities described above) etc.