viśvātithi विश्वातिथि

Definition: m. universal guest =going everywhere; -½âtman, m. universal soul; -½ad, a. all-consuming (V.); -½âdhâra, m. support of the universe; -½adhipa, m. lord of the universe; â-nara, a.relating, dear etc. to all men (V.); m. Name of Agni's father; -½antara, m. Name of a king; â-púsh, a. all-sustaining (RV.1); &asharp;-mitra, m. Name of a celebrated Rishi, chief author of Rig-veda III (with the pat. Gâthina, Gâdheya, and Gâh nava), engaged in a great contest with Vas ishtha: pl. family of Visvâmitra; a&halfacute;âyu, a. moving among, known or dear to all (V.); n. all people (RV.); â-vatva, m. N.; &asharp;-vasu, a.beneficent to all; m. Name of a Gandharva; Name of a prince of the Siddhas.

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