viśuddha विशुद्ध

Definition: विशुद्ध a. 1 Purified, cleansed. -2 Pure, free from vice, sin, or imperfection. -3 Spotless, stainless. -4 Correct, accurate. -5 Virtuous, pious, straightforward; विशुद्धमुग्धः कुलकन्यकाजनः Māl.7.1. -6 Humble. -द्धम् A kind of mystical circle (चक्र) in the body. -Comp. -धिषणा, -धी a. having the mind purified. -प्रकृति a. of virtuous disposition. -सत्त्व a. of a pure character.

Dictionary: Apte
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