viṭaḥ विटः

Definition: विटः [विट्-क] 1 A paramour; त्वद्वत्सलः क्व स तपस्विज- नस्य हन्ता कन्याविटः पतिरसौ परिरक्षतु त्वाम् Māl.8.8; Śi.4.48. -2 A voluptuary, sensualist; प्रतिक्षणं नव्यवदच्युतस्य यत् स्त्रिया विटानामिव साधुवार्ता Bhāg.1.13.2. -3 (In dramas) The companion of a prince or dissolute young man, or of a courtezan (who is described as being skilled in the arts of singing, music, and poetry and as a parasite on familiar terms with his associate to whom he nearly serves the purpose of the Vidūṣaka; see inter alia Mk. acts 1, 5 and 8); for definition, see S. D.78; अन्येभ्यश्च वसन्ति ये$स्य भवने लब्धप्रसादा विटाः Mu.3.14. -4 A rogue, cheat. -5 A catamite. -6 A rat. -7 The Khadira tree. -8 The orange tree. -9 A branch together with its shoot. -1 A mineral salt. -Comp. -कान्ता turmeric. -पेटकः, -कम् a multitude of rogues. -माक्षिकम् a kind of mineral. -लवणम् a medicinal salt.

Dictionary: Apte
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