viṭṭhala विट्ठल

Definition: m. (also written viṭhala-, viṭhṭhala-,and viḍhḍhala-) Name of a god worshipped at Pandharpur in the Deccan (he is commonly called viṭho--, and stated to be an incarnation of viṣṇu- or kṛṣṇa- himself, who is believed to have visited this city and infused a large portion of his essence into a Brahman named puṇḍarīka- or puṇḍalīka-, who had gained a great reputation for filial piety;his images represent him standing on a brick[ see 2. viḍ-]with his arms akimbo)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RTL. 263
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