viśvakarman विश्वकर्मन्

Definition: m. "all-doer, all-creator, all-maker", Name of the divine creative architect or artist (said to be son of brahmā-, and in the later mythology sometimes identified with tvaṣṭṛ- q.v,he is said to have revealed the sthāpatyaveda- q.v,or fourth upa-veda-, and to preside over all manual labours as well as the sixty-four mechanical arts [whence he is worshipped by kāru-s or artisans];in the Vedic mythology, however, the office of Indian Vulcan is assigned to tvaṣṭṛ- as a distinct deity, viśva-karman- being rather identified with prajā-pati- [ brahmā-] himself as the creator of all things and architect of the universe;in the hymns he is represented as the universal Father and Generator, the one all-seeing God, who has on every side eyes, faces, arms, and feet;in and elsewhere in the brāhmaṇa-s he is called a son of bhuvana-, and viśva-karman- bhauvana- is described as the author of the two hymns mentioned above;in the and he is a son of the vasu- prabhāsa- and yoga-siddhā-;in the purāṇa-s a son of vāstu-, and the father of barhiṣmatī- and saṃjñā-; according to to other authorities he is the husband of ghṛtācī-;moreover, a doubtful legend is told of his having offered up all beings, including himself, in sacrifice;the rāmāyaṇa- represents him as having built the city of laṅkā- for the rākṣasa-s, and as having generated the ape nala-, who made rāma-'s bridge from the continent to the island;the name viśva-karman-, meaning "doing all acts", appears to be sometimes applicable as an epithet to any great divinity) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. x , 81 ; 82, Nir. x , 26, MBh., Hariv., RV.
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